Meat is murder…well for 1 day at least

A music festival in Belgium at which Morrissey is performing in August 2011 has ensured that all of its vendors inside the venue sell only vegetarian foods.

The stalls at Lokerse Festival, who are known for and boast selling foodstuffs such as horsemeat sausages and snails, will sell only vegetarian products for 1 day on 4 August 2011.

A spokesperson for the festival stated, “one meatless day” out of ten is a “healthy break for all”.

The former Smiths vocalist is infamous for having previously stormed off stage in 2009 at Coachella Festival stating that he could “smell burning flesh” from the numerous food vendors at the festival.

Whilst it is not clear whether the organisers have plumped for a “meatless day” to avoid the potential wrath of Morrissey or whether it is a ‘mark of respect’ for the singer, it is certainly beneficial for some individuals who would usually not be exposed to vegetarianism to get a taste of it…if only for 1 day!




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3 responses to “Meat is murder…well for 1 day at least

  1. Sarah Bullock

    This is fab!! Just wish I could go 🙂

  2. jade

    Go Morrissey!

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