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Japanese ingredients…


Just a selection of the ingredients available here in Tokyo that I will be using in coming recipes!


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Festivals…veggie friendly?

First off…apologies I haven’t posted for a while. Life has been a little hectic! New posts will be coming really soon.

In the past few years I have been to a number of festivals in the UK and mainland Europe and have noticed a gradual change from the grotty burger wagons that once flooded the sites.

Every festival I have been to have had at least some vegetarian food and, for the most part, they have served a decent range of both healthy and tasty vegetarian bites.

Not only this but a lot of festivals now have stalls that will have vegan food for sale (albeit hardly in abundance).

The best festival I have been to for a range of veggie grub was Primavera Sound in Barcelona and you could pick up falafel, salads and great whole foods that not only taste amazing but provide the nutrients you need to get through the rigours of day-to-day festival life at a reasonable price.

All of this is a far cry from the ‘mystery meat’ stalls which, don’t get me wrong, do still exist but are now being caught up on by food that won’t leave you braving the even worse side of festivals constantly…

On that note, any non-vegetarians may want to give veggie food a go at festivals to try to avoid the ‘festival tummy’. Who knows, you may not be disappointed!

Let me know whether you agree or whether you have had a shocking experience of festival food.




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Meat is murder…well for 1 day at least

A music festival in Belgium at which Morrissey is performing in August 2011 has ensured that all of its vendors inside the venue sell only vegetarian foods.

The stalls at Lokerse Festival, who are known for and boast selling foodstuffs such as horsemeat sausages and snails, will sell only vegetarian products for 1 day on 4 August 2011.

A spokesperson for the festival stated, “one meatless day” out of ten is a “healthy break for all”.

The former Smiths vocalist is infamous for having previously stormed off stage in 2009 at Coachella Festival stating that he could “smell burning flesh” from the numerous food vendors at the festival.

Whilst it is not clear whether the organisers have plumped for a “meatless day” to avoid the potential wrath of Morrissey or whether it is a ‘mark of respect’ for the singer, it is certainly beneficial for some individuals who would usually not be exposed to vegetarianism to get a taste of it…if only for 1 day!



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Vegetarianism in Bulgaria

When I was in Sofia, Bulgaria a public building had been tagged with this.

It means, Don’t Eat Meat.

They must’ve seen a different side to the country to me as I found it quite difficult to be a vegetarian in Bulgaria.


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